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Other various accessories

Adapteri i produžeci

Adapters & Extension

SH101 - threaded adapter that is compatible with most internally threaded products. SH102CH - those hard-to-reach areas become easier to clean with the 10 inch (25 cm) curved adapter. It adds 10...

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Pištolj na vodu

Hose Noozle

the ergonomically-shaped, die-cast zinc hose nozzle body has a soft, black, vinyl grip for a comfortable hold. it includes a hold-open clip for a constant water flow and has a stainless steel...

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Kuka (3u1)

3in1 Hook

its exclusive Shurhold design has a line carrying feature, centered push-off, and basic boat hook  fits any Shurhold handle

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Kuka za ribu

Fishing Gaff

made in one piece of stainless steel includes a safety spring guard to cover the sharp point when not in use

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it is a good safety item to have for those unexpected emergencies 

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Najlonska mreža za ribolov - visoko kvalitetna

Landing net

made with treated nylon tangle resistant net

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Snap Stick – podmazivač patentnih zatvarača i kopči

Snap Stick

snaps and zippers on awnings, straps, and other items suffer the corroding effects of rain, dirt, and grime.  non-toxic easy to apply  

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Metla pod kutem za podove

Angled Floor Broom

the angled floor broom makes sweeping easy with its lightweight, compact design  flared bristles for those hard to reach places

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Basic kit

Basic kit contains: SH112 – Fabric Mop SH130 – 3u1 Hook SH251 – Snap-Stick  SH833 – Teleskopic handle (101-182 cm) SH960 – Soft deck...

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