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Višenamjenski valjak

Roller Multi purpose

Surface: smooth Uses: top coats and bottom paints Size: 3" - 9"

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Valjak Deluxe Mohair

Roller Deluxe mohair

Surface: smooth Uses: enamels,urethanes,varnish Size: 4" – 7"

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Valjak Foam

Roller FOAM

Surface: smooth,foam Uses: epoxy,resins,varnishes,urethanes Size: 3" – 9"

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Valjak Dynex

Roller DYNEX

Surface: semi-smooth Uses: bottom paints,epoxies,fiberglass resins Size: 3" – 9"

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Valjak Fiberglass

Roller Fiberglass

Surface: smooth Uses: for epoxy and resins Size: 3"

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Drška valjka - krletka

Birdcage – roller handle

Special handle for application Enables smooth rolling any size roller

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