West System - Aditives

420 Aluminum Powder - will increase the hardness and abrasion resistance of the coated surface and improve its moisture resistance.420 provides limited protection from ultraviolet light in areas that will not be protected with other coatings,and can be used as a base for subsequent painting.Packaging: 0,1 kg

421 Fire Retardant Additive-is a fine white powder added to epoxy in the ratio of 1:1 by weight.It is used to make the cured material fire retardant which is why it is often used marine applications in engine and galley areas.This additive will,however,greatly increase the viscosity of the epoxy which means that the composition requires trowelling or squeegeeing into place.Packaging: 1 kg

422 Barrier Coat Additive-a proprietary blend designed to improve cured epoxys moisture exclusion effectiveness.422 is used to help prevent gelcoat blistering in polyester fiberglass boat bulls.Also increases the epoxys abrasion resistance.Packaging: 0,5 kg, 3 kg

423 Graphite Powder -is a fine black powder that can be mixed with epoxy to produce a low-friction exterior coating with increased scuff resistance and durability.Epoxy/graphite is commonly used as a low-load,low-speed bearing surface,as a coating on rudders and centerboards,or on the bottoms of racing craft that are dry sailed.It does not provide antifouling qualities. Packaging: 0,2 kg, 3 kg

425 Copper Compound - can be added to the mixed epoxy to provide a base coat for conventional bottom paint.When added to the epoxy at the rate of 80% by weight,the resultant hard surface increases the moisture exclusion effectiveness,abrasion resistance and provides some back up antifouling properties.Can be used for any coating application when a harder surface is required,e.g. coating moulds. Packaging: 0,5 kg, 2,5 kg, 10 kg

501,502,503,505 Colour pigments - can be added to the epoxy to provide a base colour for a final finish system.Such coloured surfaces can be used to highlight flaws and imperfections for subsequent treatment.Pigments should be added at a rate of approximately 3-5% by weight and should only be added to the final coat of epoxy because the increased viscosity of the mix will impair the ability of the epoxy to penetrate and seal surfaces.Colour pigments are available in: white,black,blue and grey.Packaging: 0,125 kg, 1 kg


West System - aditivi