TDS Teak Sealer and Protector

TEAK SEALER & PROTECTOR is designed to be easy to apply and maintain without changing the natural color or properties of teak. Our unique water-based formulation penetrates into the wood grain to provide protection from dirt, grease, fish blood, etc. It also provides maximum weathering protection from UV without pigments that change the natural color of teak and does not need to be wiped from the caulk seams.
TEAK SEALER & PROTECTOR improves your deck’s appearance for months on new or freshly cleaned teak and it does not affect teak’s natural non-slip properties. Once applied, regular cleaning with soap and water between re-coats is all that is needed, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals or special cleaners.

  • Easy to apply and to re-coat
  • Prevents oxidation (“graying”) for months
  • Will not damage deck caulking
  • Contains no additives or pigments that will change natural appearance of teak or caulk seam
  • Helps to prevent mold on new teak
  • Prevents dirt from penetrating wood grain
  • Will not get sticky and attract dirt and residue
  • Contains no oils, urethanes, or varnish
  • Safe for the environment